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Long Term Disability Income Insurance

Designed for Employees of The University of Mississippi Medical Center

Life insurance has helped countless families of professionals maintain their lifestyles in the event of an untimely death. But what if a professional is very much alive but unable to work due to illness or accident?

Long-term disability insurance can help you and your family meet expenses and continue to plan your financial future while incapacitated. Depending on the policy you choose, you may receive benefits that cover all or part of your earned income.

Why insure my income?

Insuring substantial assets against loss is a key protection component of any financial plan. The ability to work and earn an income is the largest asset an individual may have- yet it often goes un-insured.

If an illness or injury were to prevent you from working fully in the field that you have trained for, the financial impact over the course of your working years can be substantial.

The University of Mississippi Medical Center has partnered with The William Morris Group to customize disability income insurance options tailored to your specific needs. Access More information below: