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Asset Allocation


Assembled to bring great capability to the investment process

Our team of financial professionals will work together  help you meet your investment goals. Each member of the team plays an integral part, focusing on a defined role and area of responsibility.

Together, the team brings substantial capability and expertise to each step in the process.

As your Financial Advisor, we are here to guide you through every step of the investment process. As part of this process, we will assemble a team of professionals with expertise in investment management and specific asset allocation approaches, including professionals not typically accessible to individual investors.

Together, we will work through our multi-step Investment Process. This will provide us with a disciplined structure for implementing an investment strategy that is uniquely tailored for you.






How should you allocate your assets?

More than timing or the specific securities in which you invest, the way in which your assets are allocated in equities, fixed income, and cash and how they are rebalanced over time ultimately drive your returns.

Most investors focus on individual security selection and often overlook the importance of asset allocation to their portfolios. Yet, studies have suggested that much of portfolio variance is determined by how your
assets are allocated among equity classes, fixed income securities and cash.

Various approaches may be suitable for different investment objectives, risk profiles, and market environments. They range from strategic asset
allocation approaches that attempt to capture long term market averages, to various tactical asset allocation approaches that are able to respond to shorter term opportunities and risks.

Whichever approach to asset allocation we incorporate, the goal will be the same: to keep your portfolio aligned with your investment goals.


Understanding your needs, goals, and circumstances

Before providing you with a recommendation, we need to fully understand your current financial situation.

What are your
investment goals?

What is your
risk tolerance?

What is your
time horizon?

What are your
investable resources?

What are your
liquidity needs?

What are your
income needs?

Based on your answers to these and other questions, we will determine your appetite for risk. A risk tolerance questionnaire will be used to determine which risk/return profile matches your unique situation. Determining where you are in terms of risk and return is the foundation for moving forward. It sets the framework for our recommendations regarding which asset allocation approach, portfolio strategists and investment management firms will work best for you.

Matching your
financial goals to
1 to 6 risk/return

Asset Allocation: An important determinant of variance in portfolio performance

This hypothetical example is for illustrative purposes only.
This hypothetical example is for illustrative purposes only.


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