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Financial Planning

Investment Strategies

Appropriate Investment Strategies plays a critical role in being able to achieve financial goals. Through our process, our advisors help to analyze investment assets as well as cash flow to build a personalized Investment Portfolio using proper allocation based on risk and goals.

Protection Planning

The unexpected happens every day. To be prepared for that potential reality, we must build a protection portfolio that is designed to replace what has been lost. Obtaining the appropriate life and disability insurance coverage will protect your family’s lifestyle after a potential tragedy by paying for everyday expenses, debt obligations, funding children’s education, and protecting a spouse’s retirement.

Retirement Planning

Everyone wants to retire someday. The question is, how do we do it and when? Analyzing the cost of retirement by projecting lifestyle as well as life expectancy is one of the many tools used to plan for retirement. Through our analysis, we are able to build a plan that helps us determine what is needed retire how and when we want to.

Business Succession Planning

Succession planning affects everyone who has an interest in the business – business partners, family members, and key employees. It is critical to have meaningful discussions about often overlooked issues such as who the ideal successor should be, what is the value of the business, and what is the timetable for transition. No matter what event occurs, either expected or unexpected, we can help you develop a succession plan that can help ensure a smooth transition according to our vision for the business’ future.

Education Planning

Providing for a child’s education is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children. The cost of education continues to rise, so how do we prepare for that expense? Structuring a tax-efficient college savings plan will help a child to determine their future college education by their grades and ACT scores, rather than what is most affordable, or the scholarships they may receive.

Debt Repayment Strategies

Student loan debt can be overwhelming. Decisions made on how to pay down student loans will have an effect on other areas of financial planning. Therefore, utilizing expertise from our team of Financial Professionals allows us to build efficient debt repayment strategy for student loans and other debt obligations.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning can be a very complicated process. One thing is for certain, your estate plan should include customized planning to ensure the right assets get into the right hands at the right time. In coordination with your chosen legal team, we will implement* your financial plan in conjunction with your estate planning goals.

* Please note that you can implement your financial plan at the financial institution of your choice. Implementation of specific products or services may result in commissions or fees outside of the financial plan fee.


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