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Long Term Disability Income Insurance for Forman Watkins

Solutions are tailored to the individual and offer opportunities to maximize coverage of your earnings.

Highlights of the available coverage are outlined below:

Own Occupation is a definition of disability covering disabilities that prevent you from working in the specific occupation you’ve been trained for and are currently working in.

Non-Cancelable and Guaranteed Renewable mean that the terms of your policy can’t be changed or canceled by the insurer, as long as premiums are paid on time.

Level Premiums provide consistent premium pricing from the time your policy begins, until age 65. If coverage is increased, the cost for the new coverage will be added to your original cost.

Partial Disability Coverage enables you to practice part time and work a reduced number of hours, if you’re able to, while still receiving benefits for a partial disability.

Cost of Living Adjustments help try to keep disability benefits consistent with inflation through annual increases.

Future Insurability Options allow you to increase your coverage amount as your income grows, regardless of your health.

Premium Discounts are included in the offering for Forman Watkins & Krutz, LLP making coverage more competitively priced.

Portability is also a crucial feature. Policies are individually owned, and may be taken with you should you leave and continue to work in the United States or Canada.

A market approach, representing you:

Available Companies

The Standard
Petersen International (Coverholder for Lloyd’s of London)

Forman Watkins has partnered with The William Morris Group to customize disability income insurance options tailored to your specific needs. Request a consultation below: